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Welcome to
"The World's Toughest
Adventure Game!"

(Since its inception in 2002, only one player in the
whole world has ever made it all the way through to
the very end! Will you be the second player to do so?)

We've hidden a Secret Word somewhere in the game.
The first person who finds that word will win $250 in cash!

* * * NOTICE * * *

(2004 April 26)

Due to technical difficulties, the website at
"" is no longer used by Cybertrek.
Instead, episode 3 and part of episode 5 have
now been moved to a new website at "".

SiMPLE CodeWorks Incorporated introduces: Cybertrek, the world's first adventure game that requires you to know how to use your computer. To begin playing the game, just click on the image of the old house that you see below. This will take you to the homepage for the Tri-Quest adventure game. After you start playing Tri-Quest, you must then find the start of the Cybertrek game! (Hint: Check your e-mail after you've found the "Alice in Wonderland" book in your bookcase.)*

*[If you still can't find the start of the Cybertrek game,
    then you're probably not smart enough to play it anyway!]

Click on house to begin Will you be able to rescue the old professor from his secret underground laboratory? Will you be able to find the stolen jewels that have been hidden somewhere inside the old Murdock Mansion? Will you be able to escape from the castle of the evil Baron Von Laden? If so, then you might even be able to complete at least the first seven episodes of Cybertrek and discover the true identity of the mysterious "Woman in Black!" (The first person to do so was David Barnett of Ann Arbor, MI. And he won: $500 in Cash!)

On 2003 May 26, Stefan Siegmund of Flensburg Germany became the first person to complete all eight episodes of Cybertrek! In so doing, he received not only a cash prize but also the honor of having his name displayed here:

This is to certify that

  Stefan Siegmund  

was the very first person to
complete all eight episodes of

(Click here to view the names of all the
players who have completed the game.)

Nobody has yet found the "Secret Word" that we've hidden somewhere in the game. The first person who finds it will win $250* in cash. (You will know when you've discovered it because it will tell you: The "Secret Word" is . . . )

*(In addition, we've posted a special 7-digit Code Number somewhere on the internet.
If you know this special Code Number, you will receive an additional $100 in cash.)

The Cybertrek game is played entirely on the Internet and is completely FREE of charge. (You don't have to buy anything, and you don't have to download any kind of plug-ins.) So, if you think you're smart enough to play Cybertrek, all you have to do is click on the image of the old house that you find on this page.

Have fun playing Cybertrek, THE adventure game!

WARNING: Cybertrek is not a game for weak-minded "mouse-pushers".
(If you don't know how to use a computer you'd better go and play somewhere else!)

Are you stuck in Cybertrek and don't know what to do next?
  • Check the SiMPLE CodeWorks FAQ page for possible hints.

  • Use our Message Board to ask for help from other players.

  • Tell your friends about Cybertrek, and then work on the game together.
Want to use your digital camera to create your own adventure
games? Check out our new Photo-Tour program. It's FREE!
(And you don't even have to know anything about programming or HTML!)

NOTICE: The host computers for some of the websites in the Cybertrek game have limitations on the total number of hits per day that they will support. Therefore we suggest that you play each episode of the game as quickly as you can - before the hit quotas are reached. Otherwise you may have to wait until the following day to continue playing again. (This is especially true for the second episode of the game.)

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